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As an artist and psychotherapist with a deep interest in depth and archetypal psychology, my creative process is an intentional exercise in inviting the unconscious to take form.  I’m humbled by the creative forces that move through me, and I recognize each piece as its own alive, archetypal and symbolic being, reflecting both the personal and transpersonal.  My primary inspiration is the exploration of the archetypal feminine- nature, matter, eros- and the necessity of redeeming these qualities in our lives if we are going to survive as a species.  I'm fed by the natural world I’m surrounded by living in Golden, CO. 

Working primarily in mixed media, I enjoy the challenge of stretching the boundary between two and three dimensional.  I create depth and layering in my work, often adding found trinkets to my pieces.  The most personally satisfying pieces are the ones that perhaps aren’t easily relatable to the observer, having a complexity that challenges the viewer to take time with it in order for its story to be fully revealed.  As part of my signature, each piece contains a red thread, representing that a piece of my own life journey- my red thread- has both shaped and been shaped by the creation of the piece.